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Our Gold Valuation Process:

Once we receive your items we will carefully assess the value of your old, scrap or unwanted gold, silver or platinum using a series of tests to determine the purity of the gold which can be extracted from your scrap jewelry.  These test can be damaging to items that do not consist of gold, silver or platinum.  For example, testing a gold plated chain could remove the plating from the chain revealing the base metal underneath.  

GoldJewelryRecycling.com will not return your items after they have been received for recycling.  All items are melted to reclaim the metals they contain.  Please make sure that you are ready to sell your item before shipping it to us.

What is scrap gold worth?

The value of gold can vary greatly depending upon the purity (actual amount of gold content) and weight of an item.  It is important to remember that not all of the metal in a 'gold' item is actually gold.  

  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT send us any gold that has sentimental value to you. It will be recycled and melted to extract any pure gold from the metal.
  • Please do not send us costume jewelry or gold-plated items - they are of little value and can not be refined.

Please check to make sure that what you send us is truly a precious metal (gold, silver or platinum). Many people have been disappointed to find out what they sent was not gold but costume jewelry or a gold plated item. Below are some simple tests that can help you determine if what you have is gold or not.

The At Home Scratch Test:

Scratch your item few times with an Emory board (it is best to do this on the back or inside of the item so that any scratches that may be made by the board are not visible). Place a drop or two of white vinegar on the surface or the Emory board. If the gold shavings (markings) on the board or the vinegar turns any color, is it plated and of no value.

The Magnet Test:

If a magnet sticks to your item, it IS NOT GOLD!  

Jewery Markings:

Another way to determine if your item is gold or not is to examine the piece for markings or hallmarks. Common jewelry markings include:

Accepted by GoldJewelryRecycling.com

Not Accepted by GoldJewelryRecycling.com

K (10K, 14k, 18k, 22k, etc.) - Designates the Karat of the Gold

925 (Sterling),
835 (.835) , 999 (.999) Silver

Pt, Irid. Plat., Pt 900, Pt 950, PLAT 

K.P. = Karat Plate

GF = Gold Filled (heavy plating), usually has a fraction, i.e., 1/20 10K GF
GS = Gold Shell
HGE = Heavy Gold Electroplate

Base Metals
Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, etc.

Remember gold prices are at an all time high so now is the time to change your gold to cash.

Contact us today to discuss selling your Gold, Silver & Platinum for CASH!

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