What is a gold party?
Gold parties are similar to Tupperware parties or makeup parties except your guests GET CASH instead of spending it!  One of our gold purchasing specialist will come to your party and offer free, no-obligation quotes to your guests for their old, broken or unwanted gold jewelry. Gold parties are fun and exciting for the hostess and guests.  

How do you appraise the jewelry?
Our gold purchasing specialists evaluate each item using various methods including inspecting the for gold markings or stamps, testing the gold for purity and weighing the gold to determine the total gold content.  Using this information, we are able to determine the "value" of your items and make you a fair cash offer.

What benefits do I receive for hosting a gold party?
Gold party hosts receive a percentage of the value of gold purchased at the party.

Will someone help me plan the party?
Our gold purchasing specialists will provide you with some guidelines for hosting a sucessful gold party.  

How long do gold parties usually last?
The length of our parties can vary greatly depending on the number of guests and items that are brought to the party.

What if I am not sure if some of my jewelry is gold or not?
Guest are welcome to bring items with them even if they are not sure what type of metal they are made of.  Our tests will allow us to determine the metals that are used and offer a fair appraisal if the item is gold.  Note: Some of our tests may cause damage to items that are not made of gold.  Therefore, if you have an item that you do not think is gold we ask that you consider this before having it tested.

What do my guests need to bring to the party?
We ask that guests at the party be prepared to present their driver's licenses.  Any guests that sell more than $600 worth of jewelry will be asked to provide their social security number or tax id number for IRS reporting.

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